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Planning a meeting in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia has never been easier with a wide variety of modern hotels and meeting spaces. Whether you plan meetings in one of the 5* Hotels such as the Sheraton, Hilton Addis Ababa, Radisson Blu, or Capital Hotel & Spa, we can arrange it all for you and in style.  Alternatively, if you would like to host your meeting in one of the largest and most sophisticated meeting places within the African Continent - the African Union or the United Nations Conference Center, we can organize it for you seamlessly from start to finish. You will understand then why international leaders choose to meet in Addis Ababa!  If you would like to host meetings outside Addis Ababa we can suggest the beautiful tree lined lakeside city of Bahirdar, the historical UNESCO heritage site town of St. Lalibela, the northern and booming industrial town of Mekele or the attractive southern lakeside town of Awassa; just leave all the planning and arranging to us!

All you need to do is just provide us with your basic outline to start with and we will come up with some interesting proposals to make your meeting not only enjoyable but a complete and enjoyable success.

Choose from a range of facilities including international convention Centers in Addis Ababa, Bahirdar and Mekele, or Awassa. There are ideal venues with state of the art equipment and facilities to organize multi and sophisticated conferences at the same time.

Choose from the new AAU Conference Center, United Nations Conference Center, Bahirdar Conference Center, Mekele Conference Center, the Sheraton Addis Ababa Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel or your own choice of hotel - our team will be very happy to sit down and plan something extraordinary to make your conference in Ethiopia a real success.


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